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Cure Destinations is a unit of Formula 69.

Cure Destinations

Formula 69 was setup in 2013 as an advertising and marketing agency, which served no of clients within a short span of time. Now company is moving its step towards Medical Tourism with a mission to provide best medical treatment programs to the patients at global level. Cure Destination is based in India which serves customers requiring medical treatment at Global Level.

If you or a loved one has a health problem that is causing concern about the cost and quality of available care, Cure Destination suggests you consider the excellent, high-quality treatment options available to you in India. Our Case Managers and alliance of providers are ready to work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the necessary guidance that will help you take advantage of the exceptional care options available to you at one of our partner super-specialty hospitals in India.

Management team

Cure Destinations is executed by a team of experienced and talented professionals from tourism and medical industry. Beside the internal team we have channel partners to cater the customer’s need. eg. We have reputed travel agencies which will plan your travel needs at very reasonable pricing, we have tie ups with top rated hospitals so we can provide you treatment at discounted pricing. We are also having reputed doctors in our advisory panel.

Management team  - Cure Destinations

Mission & Vision

Cure Destinations - Mission & Vision


To ensure safe and successful recovery of patients at a world-class healthcare facility in a cost-effective mode, keeping in mind their physical, psychological and cultural concerns. Harnessing the integrity of our team work and passion for excellence, we continuously strive to create standards in treating patients.


To take and keep the lead for initiating an organized medical treatment route for the people from various countries. Create a systematic environment. To serve with Honor and Work with pride. To build a culture of excellence, by providing high quality treatment for global patients and be the most preferred and referred medical facilitator.